File Cabinet


CPA Web Books has invested in to provide our clients with free access to the best, most secure, online sharing system available.  This allows you the flexibility to access your files when you need them. is an enterprise level file sharing service and we know you'll love it!  Your important documents are safe with us

Sending and Sorting

  • Upload, scan, fax or mail documents to CPA Web Books for filing
  • Our software splits batch documents into individual images for quick sorting and organizing


CPA Web Books LLC stores digitally scanned images of source documents, including:

  • Invoices, bank reconciliations, loan documents and payroll reports
  • Tax Returns
  • PDFs, Word and Excel Files
  • Any files to which multiple parties need access!


We follow the same file organization used in a physical file cabinet

  • Looks like a Windows Explorer file structure, only nicer
  • Simple organization of your tax returns, payroll records, bank reconciliations, workpapers, etc
  • Flexibility to suit each client’s needs

Easy, Secure Access

Files are easily accessible via our secure web portal

  1. Login through your web browser
  2. Enter your user name and password to get access to your files
  3. Retrieve actual files our bookkeepers work from
  4. Upload and download documents yourself
  5. View PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Reader
  6. Share individual documents via a link!  Great options for sending sensitive docs to banks

SSL Certification

We've partnered with, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to provide file access and to protect your information.  SSL Certificates are employed in order to provide a verified, trusted website using Secured Socket Layer technology (https:) for access to our Online Files (256bit encryption). is a widely trusted company for enterprise-level file sharing services.

Document Retention

Our virtual file cabinet enables us to digitally store your important originals

  • Allows you to keep necessary documents for the required time without taking up valuable office or storage space
  • Digital retention protects against fire and flood loss