CPA Web Books is a company that cares.

We want to be your best business partner.

Our Values


  • We use technology and paperless workflow to make your accounting jobs efficient
  • No need for expensive business travel
  • No double entry: We use integrated information systems


  • We communicate regularly with our clients
  • We work to build relationships
  • We make every effort to see our local clients face-to-face


  • Bookkeepers are supported by a Certified Public Accountant
  • We strive to be responsive to clients’ requests
  • We hold over 15 years of accumulated significant, small business experience


  • Our team works together in an open office - Sometimes Old School is best!
  • Located near Toledo, OH, USA 
  • Our overhead is kept low, by leveraging SaaS: We only pay for what we use
  • We offer simple, fixed pricing