Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

It's time to bring it all together, as we fill the role of CFO.

Don't keep books just to make the government happy. It's time to make this hard work benefit your business!

KPIs are the key to understanding your financial condition.  Our KPI tool plugs into Quickbooks Online for easy updating and awesome reports.  Have us serve as your quasi CFO, and we can do all this:

  • Organize your chart-of-accounts in a way that works
  • Close your books every month with good numbers
  • Smooth over timing issues so monthly comparisons make sense
  • Setup a system to adjust for Work-in-Progress each month
  • Build custom ratios and subtotals as KPIs
  • Set Targets and a Budget
  • Analyze your cash flow
  • Make plans to grow!

Why look at an ugly Balance Sheet and Income Statement when you can look at this?